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Ensure a “Fair’s Fair” commercial arrangement with your agency partners

Our platform provides complete transparency over your supplier invoices by calculating the actual employment costs incurred by each individual worker, removing the need for fixed hourly charge rates.

Having access to independent and automated auditing software ensures you strike the right balance of a sustainable margin with your agency providers, whilst ensuring your invoice charges reflect the actual employment costs incurred.

Modernise the way you manage and interact with your agency partners

Managing multiple agencies across multiple sites can create a highly pressurised environment that brings a unique set of complications and operational challenges.

Our comprehensive dashboards and analytics remove the complexities and opaqueness of workforce data, helping you to be more informed, better engaged and have greater confidence to make faster, more accurate decisions surrounding your temporary workforce.

We make it easy to operate a balanced scorecard across your agency panel, ensuring partnerships are built upon data driven analysis and service results, whilst making it easier to identify potential modern slavery flags to protect your business and brand.

Narrow the experience gap that exists between permanent and temporary workers

Replicating the same engagement programmes created for your permanent employees with your temporary workforce is an ongoing challenge that most businesses and agencies grapple with.

Our mobile app has been specifically designed to provide a high touch engagement platform, which enables teams to seamlessly communicate at an individual or group level, delivering training content, celebrating recognition and awards, whilst gaining access to essential employee feedback to shape fact based retention strategies.

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